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Health & Safety

Pentacon Group has set site and project safety as one of our top strategic priorities.

Many of our company health and safety standards will exceed those set by Federal or Provincial laws. Our approach is different because we analyze what “at risk” circumstances could present challenges and also what “vulnerable” workers we may have on site that may need extra assistance. Younger workers are always of concern as we want them to learn the business properly and safely.


All of our employees and our sub-contractors are made aware of these very stringent safety standards before they start work with Pentacon Group and we then empower everyone to reach the goal of zero accidents for every project. This ensures that the safety of all our workers, subcontractors, our client’s employees and their property and the general public are always protected.


We use a top down bottom up model, as this allows everyone to be empowered to take action to ensure safety is the priority. We aren’t interested in who uncovers or detects the substandard practice or condition, we just want it resolved quickly and efficiently. If everyone plays a part, we have many sets of eyes and minds with a common goal.


We have a fully dedicated team supported by one of the industry’s leading Canadian Registered Safety Professional’s that have created comprehensive safety programs and safe work practices. We provide regular training and education, and monitor our work sites to ensure that our employees work in compliance with all of our safety standards. We can design state of the art safe work procedures for any challenge. The key to every job is doing it safely. Our quality and service is unmatched. However, Pentacon also realizes that safety is more than just a set of policies and safe work procedures. Safety is alive and well only when all leaders, managers, supervisors, foremen and workers take ownership of our site and project safety system.


Empowering all parties with the mandate of “ZERO” accidents helps to define the attitudes required for success. We dont “play” safety, we do it!